B2B Trade MarketPlace
connecting companies for international commerce...

Reyes Global Trade is an online business-to-business trade platform connecting companies worldwide and bringing them together with the goal of expanding their markets.


Web Development
Professional website design services...

Web Design and Development is a Reyes Global Trade Inc. service for businesses aiming to establish online presence Services included are website building, design and graphics.


Web Site Hosting
All web hosting services are provided...

Reyes Global Host provides web hosting for websites, both personal and business websites, worldwide.With its flexible, shared hosting plans and price-friendly packages it fulfills any hosting needs,


News updates


Want to know about the latest in the world trade news and business updates from all over the world? Read and discuss:www.reyesglobaltrade.wordpress.co


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What We Do

Reyes Global Trade Inc. offers networking services that cater to the needs of businesses from online presence to worldwide market associations. Our services include:

  • Online Business-to-Business Platform
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance
  • Web Graphics and Design
  • Online Advertising
  • Printing Services

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FAX: +866-305-9720
E-mail: contact@reyesglobaltradeinc.com