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Protect your business transactions

This is basically where a third party is entrusted to hold on to or to manage money between two entities who are transacting a business. It arises in situations where one entity (buyer) does not want to pay the full amount before he is certain of the quality of service being offered by the other entity (seller) or where the seller would not wish to engage in an enormous amount of task before he is certain of his payments.


Business transactions


Automate to grow your global sales

We are a global leader offering tailor-made cloud-based logistics services and e-commerce solutions. We boast a technological platform and distribution center that stretch across 45 countries. We link together warehouses from all corners of the world. Your online store can be easily linked our warehouses availing to you fast and flexible shipping options for four orders.


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Create your online store

We are online e-commerce service site that boasts of over 40,000 online active accounts, we will get your business up and running by designing solutions that will tackle any hindrance that may affect any smooth running of your business. We will handle the nitty gritty of account opening making sure that you sole focus will be maximizing your sales, you can count on our round the clock live support from our tech-savvy engineers.


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