Cloud Solutions

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Reyes Global Trade delivers an extensive portfolio of cloud solutions to help your business enhance communications, promote collaboration, boost productivity, improve how employees work, and build a happier workplace. We offer cloud hosting solutions that have moved hundreds of organizations to Microsoft office 365, hosted SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, and Azure. And once you are there, we provide exceptional tools and services to help you unleash the full potential of your investment.

Hosted Exchange

When you succeed we succeed, which is why we stand behind your business as a trusted provider of managed email services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Implementing a Microsoft Dynamics installation, migration or upgrade is a significant IT undertaking. But the payoff is improved functionality, usability, and productivity.

Microsoft Office 365

Simplify your business processes with Microsoft Office 365. It has all the features you need and covers almost every aspect of your business.

Hosted Share Point

We deliver custom and turn-key hosted SharePoint services. You don’t have to wait weeks, months, or years to harness the power of a SharePoint servers.

Cloud Servers

Create managed services around cloud offerings, including Windows Azure and other applications that will be best administered on a cloud server.

Online Backup

Our backup service is necessary for the protection of your cloud properties. Whether you are installing your first backup solution or complementing an existing one with an additional backup.

why Choose us?

With in-depth experience in cloud solutions, we clearly understand the intense battle between brands. Our holistic approach provides a 360-degree service that takes into account every aspect of your business. We Deliver:

High Grade Hardware

We have the technical knowledge to source for and deliver high-quality hardware.

Affordable Prices

Not only are our services reliable, we also endeavour to keep our prices at competitive.

Superior Support

To address our customers needs, we have a proprietary support system that will resolve all queries.

Best Cloud Support

Our cloud support service is unrivaled and affordable. With professionally managed cloud services, we offer our clients the best possible experience. We are pioneers in robust, scalable low-cost storage and cloud backup services, so be rest assured that your data is safe. When you sign up for our cloud solutions, you will get some extra benefits.

Our 24/7 Support Team

Our customer support team is ready and waiting to assist you. They are well-trained and qualified to provide support and are available 24/7.

Get Access to Our Community Forum

Our forum is a great place to get support as well. You can access our support forum and knowledge base for other frequently asked questions.

Chat Online With a Technical Agent

Our technical agents are available 24/7 to fix any technical issues and provide full support for basic or complex inquiries.

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